About the Author

I’m a longtime professional writer (like, a reeeally long time) who lives in the Dallas, Texas area and who has been published in many types of publications over the years, such as The Austin American-Statesman, The Dallas Morning News, D Magazine and DFW Child, to name a few, and who has always had a passion for creative reuse of all types. Sometimes I’ve gotten to pursue that passion through my articles (like writing about “art cars” for The Dallas Morning News and more recently, writing about composting for City of Richardson (TX) publications) but over the last few years I’ve wanted to share that love of reuse on a more regular basis and explore broader reuse topics, so this blog began in 2021. And then, I took my dream further and opened a creative reuse shop in March of 2023 (find out more at UntrashCreativeReuse.com).

I’m also mom to two grown adult 20-somethings (one still in college) and the wife of a guy who is definitely a reuse fan himself and who has been open to more reuse adventures as I’ve gone down this path, God love him. You can also find me helping out my 98-year-old mother, who lives independently not far away, AND I’m a dog mom, music lover, and reader. So yeah, I stay pretty busy, and I’m saying that so that you’ll forgive me when there are “gaps” in my posting. Keep up with all Untrash musings by subscribing to the blog and following @untrashcreativereuse on Instagram and UntrashCreativeReuse on Facebook! Thank you for reading!